New Tours & Schedule of Tours

Caribbean Escapade        

Duration: Full Day

Physical Activity: Low/Mild

A drive along the Coast up through the winding mountains of the Caribbean side, enjoy some of the most spectacular views as you look down on some of the village bays, e.g., Englishman’s Bay, Mt’ Dillion, Parlatuvier Bay, continue our drive through the main ridge forest to explore the trails of our famous nature reserve..

Next is local lunch at a Rustic village restaurant at Bloody Bay, overlooking the vast plains and valleys of the Rain-Forest..

The Caribbean Ocean awaits you as you enjoy a swim in the calm waters at Castara Bay, have a lime with local fishermen as they sell their catch and sip on cold beers… See the village ladies bake their bread/cake/pastries from a traditional dirt oven.

You may wish to take swimwear, hat and sunglasses, camera and the spirit of the adventure.

Come Cook Wit Me!!

Duration: 4hrs

The island of Tobago! A notable reputation for “Sweet Food”.

We now offer you an opportunity to cook it yourself. This authentic and unique cooking experience is geared towards demonstrating and showcasing the use of our local herbs & spices to create quality taste in preparing indigenous dishes.

With creativity and simplicity our Local chef will conduct a hands-on session of how to make it happen. See, Smell, Learn and Cook. Create your own taste in your special place.

Come now and experience our secrets of traditional cooking.



Price/person $ (USD)


Round “A” Bout- Island Tour ** 110 (excl-lunch)

131 (incl-lunch)

Little Tobago (8 hrs) ** 131  (excl-lunch)

157 (incl-lunch)

Rain Forest Trekking (6 hrs)** 105 Wed/Sat
Buccoo Reef & Nylon Pool (4 hrs) * 68 On Request
Buccoo Reef & Barbeque (8 hrs)*** 131 Fri
Wet and Dry (7 hrs) * 115 On Request
Trinidad’s Wonder of Nature (full day)* 272 On Request
(Optional) Shopping/Sightseeing (full day)* 256 On Request
Lizzy’s Caribbean Laze (3.5 hrs)* 103 On Request
Atlantic Spree (6 hrs) * 121 On Request
Caribbean Escapade (6 hrs) ** 121 On Request
Indigenous Tobago (7 hrs)* 121 On Request
Come Cook With Me (4.5 hrs)*** 131 On Request
D.Y.O (Design your own)

Tour runs from 1-6hrs.


(1-2 persons) – 209

(3rd  person) – 288

(4 persons) – 368


On Request
Tour operates with Min 2 persons *

Tour operates with Min 4 persons **

Tour operates with Min 8-10 persons ***

Tour operates within time duration. Extended time – $30/hr or part thereof

For further details about any of the tours listed above, please download our Brochure here.