The Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort offers a wide array of nightly Tobago entertainment, from live performances at Fire Fridays and Shipwreck Saturdays at the Robinson Crusoe Pub, to the rhythmic beat of the steel pan at our Sunday Brunch, and the soothing sounds of our Jazzy Sundays at Tavaco Lounge. Experience our Grand Tobago Night every week at the Pembois Restaurant and Terrace and be entertained by cultural performances. There’s always something in store for our visitors and guests.

Although Tobago beckons to the nature lovers and those wishing to simply relax and unwind, when the sun goes down the Caribbean rhythms and nightlife in Tobago can be heard through the air. One can find a number of Tobago restaurants, bars, and clubs offering live entertainment until the wee hours of the morning, such as Shade Nightclub, Bar Code, Cruz Cocktail Bar & Bistro, and The Deep, to name a few.

Tobago’s annual festivals and parties are something that everyone looks forward to, such as the Tobago Jazz Experience, which is held every year in April, and Great Fete weekend, held at the beginning of August. Both events are held at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park and feature many popular local and international artists.


Sunday School

One of the most well-attended night time events is the famous Sunday School street parties held every Sunday in Buccoo. These parties start at 9am with steel pan music, local craft items, and a variety of food. Then at 11pm the real party begins as the DJ’s music continues to fill the air.

Harvest Festivals

The island also offers Harvest Festivals, which are held during the year as Tobago’s villages take turns hosting a Thanksgiving, known as Harvest. This generally involves a church service, followed by a lavish cookup in which villagers open their homes to all who visit.

Goat & Crab Races

Traditionally the Tobago Goat and Crab races are held over Easter weekend, and while these have always proved to be a source of comedy for the locals and international visitors, these races are taken quite seriously by the participants.

Tobago Heritage Festival

Visitors can witness the true culture and history of Tobago at the Tobago Heritage Festival, which occurs every year from the middle of July to early August. Enjoy performances in the form of folk dancing, singing, and great feasts. Experience life in the early 1900’s as villagers adorn themselves with traditional costumes and depict events like the ‘ole time mas, ‘ole time dance, ole time wedding, limbo, and jig and stick fighting.

Carib Great Race

Held every year at the end of August, the Carib Great Race is an exciting power boat race that starts in Carenage, Trinidad and ends at Store Bay, Tobago, where the beach party begins. Various speed boats compete for the title, as they exceed speeds of 90 mph.


Located just 5 minutes away from Magdalena Grand is the island’s only cinema multiplex at the Gulf City Shopping Mall.