Transport Rates & Regulations

Vehicle Type


Tiidas, Axios, Sylphys and Wagons  $350
Toyota Rush and Terios  $450
SUVs  $550
Nissan 8 seaters  $700


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Guest Transfer Questions & Answers

Q: What vehicle types have you historically been using to provide shuttle transfers?

A: We have a mixture of vehicle types: large coaches and small mini-buses and vans.


Q: Do you expect to be able to continue to offer shuttle transfers once this crisis is over?

A: Yes, we will still be offering shuttle transfers.


Q: If so, are you likely to implement any restrictions?

A: Yes, there will be some new restrictions implemented Post COVID-19.


Q: What are the new cleaning protocols to be implemented?

A: Prior to every transfer, frequent cleaning and sanitizing of seats, seatbelts, dashboard, mats, door handles “interior & exterior” as well as trunk knob, etc. will be carried out.


Q: What are the restrictions that will be implemented in relation to transfers?

A: The following restrictions will be implemented:

    • 50% passenger capacity for all private transfers
    • Taxis are only allowed up to 3-pers per taxi
    • Mini-buses and Mini-vans 4-8-pers p/vehicle
    • 75% passenger capacity for all shuttle transfers.


Q: Will there be any regulation/s implemented and if so, what will it entail?

A: Yes, there will regulations/guidelines implemented, but not limited to the following:

    • All passengers (including driver) are required to wear a face mask prior to entering the vehicle.
    • All passengers (including driver) are required to sanitize their hands prior to entering the vehicle. (Passengers encouraged to have their personal hand sanitizer, if not this may be provided by the driver).
    • Physical/Social distancing will be observed in all shuttle transfers.
    • Hand shaking/hugging is disallowed between driver and passenger.



  • This regulation is also required and will be extended to our excursion programs.
  • All our sanitizing/cleaning products used are 75% alcohol base.
  • This Regulation is Subject to review.