On the island of Tobago there are over 470 different species of birds. Tobago is a small island but it contains a wide variety of habitats, including tropical rainforest, semi-deciduous woodland, mangrove swamp, freshwater marshland and coastal areas. These areas are small yet large enough to support a distinct population of birds. Some of the main places of interest are the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, Little Tobago sea bird sanctuary, Bon Accord wetlands and Caledonia Wildlife Bird Sanctuary. Birder or novice, the best way to see some of Tobago’s more important species is to sign up for a day with one of the island’s extremely knowledgeable guides. They will be able to take you deep into the rainforest, name all the fauna and flora, identify hidden birds by their song and even imitate their call to bring them into view.

The national bird, which is the Scarlet Ibis, calls Trinidad its home; however, recent sightings of this magnficient bird on Tobago have taken place.